Over 20 years of devotion to organic functional silicon compounds and specialty products.

YCK is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. With more than 20 years of experience, YCK has been dedicated to development, production and sale of a series of unique patented organic functional silicon compounds and specialty products.

Since the establishment of Shanghai YCK Chemical Co., Ltd., it inherited YCK Company’s professional spirit—taking customers’ successes as its own responsibility—and set up a complete after-sales service system. In order to offer a fast, instant and satisfactory technical supports to our clients, we have organized some representative offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, each equipped with laboratories and experienced engineers as a technical service and support center.

Reliable Quality

The R&D department and technical service laboratory of YCK Company are equipped with staff with many years of relevant industry experiences. The products can be customized according to customers’ needs, meanwhile the reliable quality of the products can be guaranteed as well. All our products can be found in our product catalog. At the same time, we are able to manufacture some related products in limited quantities.


Emerging Markets and Applications

The production of YCK offers services to coatings, inks, plastics, textiles, automotive industry, pulp and paper, domestic and industrial cleaning, personal care and other services. With the continuous emergence of new markets and applications, YCK always keeps up with the time and provides customers with accurate and optimal production technology and products.

Coatings & Inks

By adding corresponding products to improve substrate wetting, film leveling, texture, foaming and other performances.


By adding corresponding products to enhance plasticity, antistatic, wetting and other performances.


By adding corresponding products to reach dyeing, softening, foaming, fuzzing , fixation and other performances.

Automotive Industry

By adding corresponding products to improve adhesion between layers, texture, hardness, shock resistance, pigment stability and other performances.

Pulp & Paper

By adding corresponding products to enhance whitening, anti-corrosion, de-inking and other performances.

Domestic & Industrial Cleaning

Domestic and Industrial Cleaning is safe and it can help energy saving, water saving and consumption reduction, as well as extending equipment’s service life and reducing environmental pollution, etc.

YCK Canada in China

Shanghai YCK Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of YCK Company in Canada. It is fully responsible for the sales and technical support of YCK Chemical Additives in China. Currently, YCK Chemical Additives are widely used in coatings, inks, leather and plastic industries.

Constantly improving qualitied safety and environmental responsibility.

We support community development in various types of ways. The simplest one is by donating to organizations that improve our daily life every day. To fulfill this vision, we operate the company based on our own visions and values, YCK will achieve long-term growth while continuously improve our performance.

Development & Voluntary

We have acted independently and in collaboration with external organizations to promote community development. We focus on public health and safety, education, community sports, arts and other projects. From rescuing to improving education systems in local disaster areas, to maintaining safety and cleanliness, we are actively engaged in community voluntary activities.


To create harmonious, developmental, diverse and win-win customer relationships.

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Sanitation, Safety & Environmental Protection

No accidents, no harms and eco-friendly.

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YCK Values

The fulfillment can’t be separated from the efforts from all YCK staff.

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